The National Honor Society was established in 1921 to recognize outstanding high school students who have demonstrated excellence in the following four areas:  Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character.

  • Scholarship – Students must achieve and maintain a cumulative GPA of no less than 3.8, with no individual grade below an A- (with the exception of accepting a B in AS and AP courses). No unexcused absences are allowed.
  • Leadership – Extraordinary leadership both on and off campus must be demonstrated. Positions in which the student was directly responsible for directing or motivating others in school, community and work activities, for which no compensation (monetary or academic credits) has been given, can be considered.
  • Service – At least 100 hours of community service (80 hours for sophomores) is required, and the student’s attitude toward service will also be reviewed. Service activities are those which are done for or on behalf of others (not family members) for which no compensation (monetary or otherwise) has been given, as an individual or with a group, in or out of school.
  • Character – A person of character demonstrates respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring and citizenship.

Students may apply for membership in January. Selection for membership will be based on the number of points received in each of the four categories.

M-A Faculty Representative and PTA National Honor Society Chair: