We are heading back to MA 2:15-2:30 am

Senior Grad Night Reminders

  • Check in is at 7:00pm-line starts at the library. ·
  • Busses leave 7:45pm SHARP·
  • There will be very little time between graduation and check-in.
  • If you don’t live close to M-A we highly recommend that you change at school and put your things in your car or give them to your parents to take home. ·
  • The “K” bathrooms just past the library will be open for students to change prior to getting in the check-in line. ·
  • We will have a bag check set up prior to entering the security check area.
  • Busses-No assigned seating-line up with friends before check-in if you want to try and be on the same bus. ·
  • Items you MUSTbring to check-in-School ID, negative COVID test results (hard copy or on your phone)·
  • Acceptable items to bring on the bus/venue-DL and keys, jacket, cell phone, purselette (small purse-must clear security), wallet (must clear security)·
  • NO money is required for Grad Night. All costs have been covered by the ticket price.

Parent Grad Night Information 

  • Help us get our graduates in the check-in line by 7:00pm sharp. ·
  • Take graduation pictures quickly or better yet come back over the weekend and take pictures with family and friends.·
  • There will not be time for graduates to attend family dinner celebrations before check-in.·
  • Your senior will not be able to take a bag to the ceremony. We suggest you bring a bag with a change of clothes to the ceremony for them.·
  • If possible, meet your graduate and take their bag home. Two places to meet them
    • PAC/Library courtyard, where the M-A Bear Statue is located
    • between the end of the library and “K” building bathroom
    • You will have to walk through the “P” portables to get to the bathrooms.
  • There will be pizza, snacks and water prior to boarding the busses. The ticket price includes food at the venue.
  • Have the number your senior put on the registration on during grad night in case we have to call you.
  • Grad night pick up time. We will leave the venue as close to 1:00am as possible. I will post the time we have left the Boardwalk on the M-A PTA website mabearspta.org. Busses will return to Ringwood along the new gym.
  • Students will pick them up after we get back to M-A at 2:00am in the “T” parking lot.

BAG pick-up locations

Curative COVID PCR test…easy as a 1, 2, 3

Tests are free, painless, fast, and convenient.

1) Make an appointment to get a test at Curative.com. Pick the Menlo Park kiosk at 201 Ravenswood Ave, which is open Mon-Friday from 10am-5pm. You can walk up, but it’s easier to make the appointment in advance than to fill out the info on-site. If you have insurance, you can enter that info; if you don’t, that’s fine, too. It’s free either way – no copay.
2) Upon making your appointment, you’ll get an email confirmation. Don’t eat or drink 20 minutes before you get there. Show up at the Curative kiosk at 201 Ravenswood Ave during your timeslot (they are flexible if you get there within another timeslot). You need to wear a mask. Show your email confirmation when you arrive.
3) They’ll direct you toward the kiosk. You’ll wait 6 ft behind anyone else who might be in front of you in line. When it’s your turn, you’ll cough (with your mask on) three times into your elbow. There’s a sign to remind you. 🙂
4) You’ll then walk up to the kiosk. The person will ask to see your email confirmation and ask for your birthday to confirm it’s you. Through a little door, they’ll give you an oral swab that is inside a sterile wrapper. You open the wrapper like it’s a string cheese package and take out the oral swab. You wipe the oral swab around your cheeks, gums, tongue, etc for 20 seconds. Then you break off the end of it (because the swab is long) and then put it in a vial they provide.
5) That’s it! They will text and email the results, recently within 24 hours!