Wednesday, June 3 starting at 10:00am


Help us make the last time on campus for our M-A Seniors as festive and memorable as possible! Unfortunately only graduates and their families can participate in the parade as we will be following the county guidelines for public gatherings. There are still ways that you can congratulate the senior class. Here are things that you can do to help make this fun. All decorations below will be on M-A campus and not public.


Graduation Posters
Get creative and make a colorful poster to congratulate the seniors. We will be collecting posters to put up along the parade route

  • Poster materials and dimensions -poster board is generally around 22” x 28”, cardboard cut to size, and even paper bags taped and cut to size. We are going to duck tape signs together so please stay around this size.
  • Make multiple signs for your student and their friends
  • Drop off at one of the drop off locations below by May 31st Please drop off at the front door.
    • Kim Steere  – Atherton-Holbrook Palmer Park – 76 McCormick Lane
    • Joel Rutsky – Menlo Oaks/Suburban Park Bay Road – 807 Menlo Oaks Drive
    • Mari Chazen – Willows – 323 Lexington Drive
    • Tracy Uyeki – Linfield Oaks – 460 Linfield Drive
    • Stacy May – West of the Alameda – 371 Camino al Lago
    • Naed de la Vega – West Menlo Park – 1755 Oak Ave
    • Taylor Perkins – Ladera – 140 N Balsamina Way

Looking for photos over the last year of our graduating seniors. If you don’t have any photos ask your senior if they do. Photos of seniors on campus, engaged in clubs, volunteering, participating in sports, or just hanging out with friends.

Photos of Caps and what are you doing next year
Traditionally students decorate their caps. If your student has done this then we would like a picture of the cap. Or send a picture of what your student is doing next year are they working, traveling or volunteering? Send us a photo of what they are doing next year.

Send us a quick video congratulating graduates. Since extended family and friends won’t be at graduation get them to send a video. We would also welcome classmates so ask your kids if they want to add a video.

Join in the celebration and decorate your car for the parade.  If you need help with decorations we are happy to help out. Just email Taylor Perkins at

Please upload photos and videos HERE by May 31st to be included in the car parade. Email Taylor Perkins at with any questions.