Copies of our PTA General Meeting Minutes and Agendas can be found below.

March 2014 PTA General Meeting Minutes

March 2014 PTA General Meeting Agenda

2014-02: Audit Report: Chase Savings

2014-02: Audit Report: Chase Checking

2014-02: Audit Report: PayPal

Common Core Meeting Minutes Word or PDF

Common Core Power Point Presentation, December 2013

General Meeting Notes, October 2013

Gen Meeting Agenda October 2013

General Meeting Notes, August 2013

General Meeting Notes, 5-29-13

Gen Mtg Agenda 5-28-13

Gen Mtg Agenda 3-5-13

Gen Mtg Notes 3-5-13 Final

Gen Mtg Agenda 10-9-12

Gen Mtg Notes 10-9-12 Final

Gen Mtg Agenda 8-28-12

Gen Mtg Notes 8-28-12 Final

Gen Mtg Notes 5-29-12 Final